Fantastically Fashionable: Hoggstowne Cape

It will be a quick one today. The lining fabric arrived, and I was finally able to finish my 1968 cape. If you want to see how it started, check out the first post here.

The lining went together just like the outer fabric, except that I was able to simply press the seams instead of top-stitching them open. It’s was also much more of a pain to work with the silk than the wool, of course, but it feels lovely. I attached the lining to the fabric right sides together only at the neckline. When I turned it the right way around, I added a row of top-stiching just beneath the collar in order to keep the lining from creeping up.


The rest was all finished by hemming, though before I finished the edges, I secured the lining around the armhole slits.


I finished the front edges first. After I tried it on to see where the two sides needed to come together, I pinned it all down and top-stitched 1/4 of an inch from the edge. At this point, I was just treating the fabric and lining as a single entity.

With this first row of stitching in place, I trimmed back any interfacing and lining edges that were showing on the inside. Since the wool is felted, it will not fray, and therefore doesn’t need to be turned under in order to achieve a neat interior finish. Once the excess was trimmed away, I simply secured the hem allowance with another row of top-stitching two inches from the edge.

The bottom hem was done in exactly the same way. This is what the hem allowance looks like on the inside One of the rows of stitches on the top is the basting that held the interfaing in place along the front):


Sadly, I wasn’t able to use the clasps I had originally planned, because it turns out that they weren’t so much clasps and weights meant to hang from a purse to keep it closed. When I explained my misunderstanding, Farmhouse immediately refunded me for the three I had bought. Turns out their customer service is as great as their selection! I got these clasps from Joann instead. They’re not quite as unique, but they’re still lovely.


We snapped some pictures of the finished cape while we were taking the dog for his walk this morning. I did realize that I still need to add a wand pocket for Hoggstowne, but that can wait. I have cosplays to finish!



I made the cowl in my downtime this week from this free Knitpicks crochet pattern. The beret is my own pattern, which I may just write up properly and put on the blog one of these days.


See you next week, with progress on one of the Game of Thrones cosplays! Hannah and I are about to fit Meredith’s Margaery gown now!


2 thoughts on “Fantastically Fashionable: Hoggstowne Cape

    1. I already have some similar cowls in production-I’m hoping to get them to you by the end of the month. The hats are tricky, with the materials and the time it takes to make them, I’m not sure I could make it cost effective.


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