Locust Grove Interpreter Auditions

It’s that time of year again, and the Locust Grove Interpreter Corps are looking for new recruits!

The interpreter corps is an all-volunteer group who help teach guests to Locust Grove all about the history of the site, the family, Louisville history, Kentucky history, and US history through first person interpretation. (Don’t worry if you don’t know much about the history now–we’re always learning!) We spend our time at events as people from 1816 Louisville, and interact with guests as if it is the past.

Displaying Joss teaches hoop.jpg
Interpreter Jos, as Miss Eliza Bulleit, teaching young guests to play a new game.

I absolutely love every event I get to do with the interpreter corps–they aren’t just a group of fellow volunteers, there some of my favorite people and dearest friends. When my now-husband and I moved here, they welcomed us with open arms as soon as we walked in for our own auditions, and we’ve been part of it ever since!

Displaying Laura and Carol by Kara Hamilton.jpg
1816 sisters! Interpreters Laura and Carol as Mrs. Ann Gwathmey and Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson. Photo by Kara Hamilton

The Interpreter Corps doesn’t work from a set script, but are part of a constantly evolving improv based on our ever-growing knowledge about life in 1816, and about Louisville’s history in particular. Every interpreter brings a unique set of skills and interests to the group, whether it be playing an instrument, knitting, embroidery, or the ability to spin a good yarn (literally or figuratively). We are all constantly learning from one another as our research grows and our interpretations develop.

Yours Truly as Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor and Mia as Mrs. Lucy Croghan demonstrating tambour embroidery and knitting to a visitor at a special event at the Speed Art Museum.

We will be holding auditions on Saturday, Feb. 25 from 12-2.

We have an especial need for young people this year, as many of our younger members have aged up to new parts or gone off into the wide world, so if you know kids, or parents of kids ages 11-19 who might be interested, please pass this on to them! Never fear, there are also plenty of parts for adults. Here are the parts we are currently casting:

Male: Edmund Croghan (age 11); Charles Croghan (age 14); Nicholas Croghan (age 14); William Croghan, Jr. (age 22); George Croghan (age 25); Zachary Taylor (age 32); Thomas Bullitt (age 39); John Gwathmey (age 42); William Clark (age 46); Judge Fortunatus Cosby (age 49) Aaron Fontaine (age 63); General George Rogers Clark (age 64); William Croghan, Sr. (age 64); Richard Taylor (age 70)
Female: Emily Taylor (age15); Ann ‘Nancy’ Thruston (age 17); Eliza Sydnor Cosby (age 17); Sarah Bailey Taylor (Age 17); Ann Croghan (age 19); Elizabeth Thruston Fontaine (age 45)

We are also seeking a regular volunteer interested in training to demonstrate as an out-of-character (third person) interpreter in our hearth kitchen.

The interpreters meet regularly to train in the history of the period and the family, as well as workshops on period language and manners, physical characterization and improvisation, and clothing of the period, and appear at events throughout the year.

You can find complete audition information on the Facebook Event page.

For more information on Locust Grove please visit or, or email Brian Cushing at

Please pass this information on to anyone you think might be interested!

I hope to see you in the Corps this year!

Come in!
Join us!

All photographs by Fox and Rose Photography unless otherwise noted.

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