About Me


Hi! I’m Hannah Stoppel. I grew up outside of Petoskey, MI, where my interest in both books and fabric began. I learned how to sew from my grandmother, Sarah, and read in every spare moment I had. I now hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific University. I work, however, as the Build Manager at Custom Wig Company in Louisville, KY, where I make handmade wigs for cosplayers, reenactors, impersonators and not least, Santa Claus. In the time when I’m not writing or working, I volunteer as a costumed interpreter at Locust Grove, a historic site in Louisville, which provides plenty of fodder for my obsession with creating beautiful things.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So sad to have missed you – recently spent the day at Locus Grove and would have loved to said “good- day” personally! Love your blog . I volunteer at a few historic sites in Upper East TN and do a fair bit of reenacting , as well. Glad to have found you and your talents !


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